In the realm of scooters, the Vespa Sprint 150 S has long been synonymous with a seamless fusion of style and performance. The 2023 model carries forward this rich legacy, making a bold statement with its refreshing design and robust, technologically advanced features.


Unique design


The Vespa Sprint 150 S pays homage to the Swinging Sixties era, known for its free-spirited riders and sprightly Vespa that frequented European towns. This modern iteration revives that ebullient spirit, infusing it with a hearty dose of cutting-edge technology that exemplifies the best of the 21st century.


The Sprint 150 S sets itself apart with a distinctive design. Its compact, lightweight structure crafted entirely from aluminum offers both comfort and protection. The youthful aesthetic of this scooter is highlighted by a determined, rectangular headlight, perfectly complemented by its robust 12″ wheels equipped with striking aluminum alloy rims.


Proven powertrain


Powering the Vespa Sprint 150 S is the Italian Green Experience Technology (i-get) engine, a 4-stroke, 3-valve per cylinder, air-cooled powerhouse with electronic injection. The attention to detail in the design, from the exhaust to the interior design of the transmission cover and the revamped air filter, all contribute to ensuring an effortless, quiet, and enjoyable ride. This engine sets a new standard in its sector, serving as a testament to Vespa’s commitment to performance and innovation.


Adding to its charm is an impressive array of technological advancements. The Sprint 150 S boasts full LED lighting at the front and rear, further enhancing its modern look. The multi-functional 4.3” TFT display (exclusive to the S 150 versions) adds a touch of sophistication, while practical features like the Bike Finder and remote seat opener amplify convenience. Moreover, the S 150 comes standard with Vespa MIA, a feature that seamlessly connects your smartphone to the scooter, essentially transforming the dashboard into an extension of your phone, ensuring a safer ride without having to take your hands off the handlebars.


Customize your ride


The 2023 Vespa Sprint 150 S offers a wide variety of accessories to cater to every rider’s unique style and requirements. Whether it’s aesthetics or functionality you seek, Vespa provides an accessory to meet your needs, ensuring your daily commutes are as smooth and stylish as can be.


The 12″ aluminum alloy rims with their standout sporty 7-spoke design not only add to the overall aesthetic but also provide exceptional stability, safety, and grip on all surfaces, in any weather conditions.


In summary, the 2023 Vespa Sprint 150 S is more than just a scooter; it’s a delightful blend of nostalgia and modern technology. Its unique design, robust performance, and state-of-the-art features make it a standout choice for those seeking a unique, road-ready style.